Monday, July 11, 2011

And so the Yellow comes out...

My husband deployed Yesterday, my home has been a bit crazy since the last post. I was totally fine once they told them its time to "Roll Out". I didn't cry, feel sad or complain. I gave him one last hug and kiss, we smiled and he got on the buss. I waved till i could not see it anymore and that was that. It wasn't till 6 pm came that i started feeling worried... In our normal day to day he would wake up at 4:30am and leave around 5:45 am and if it was a  long day at work he would be home by 6 pm. So i refused to  get sad or cry and went to JO-ANNS and bout two yards of Yellow Plain fabric to make a huge Yellow Ribbon to but on the the tree in the front of our home. Then it got way in the house so i went to shower and bamb! it hit me, i wont be held, kissed or see him for a while, my best friend is gone. i just sopped. then i cryed more when i took the dogs out to potty cause they were sad too...
UH it was just a sad night... But i am ok,
i had so many ideas to keep business running as usual, nope didn't happen lol.
The yellow is out and will stay out till he comes home again...

Miss you already love,


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