Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hey Everyone!
     My name is Jessica I'm Art nerd, Daughter, Wife, Little Sister, a Big sister and OCD like Crafty person . I began making hair bows one night because i could NOT sleep and the next day i was bored so i went to yard sale with my boss at the time (i was a real face painter) wearing my bow i made and this girl in her teens was so... well this is what she said "Holly crap where did you buy that?" hehehe i was a bit shocked and as soon as i said i made them i had my first order of bows for about 3 teenage girls.
      Then I thought I have the time and this would work around my husband schedule too (he is the United States Army). So we sat down talked it over and it was done. I would start my own little handmade "thingy" business lol. We called it thingy cause we didn't have a full idea of what exactly i was going to make and not make... then i felt stuck so i said nope. I tossed that feeling of restriction and just started creating things: Bags, Touts, Dresses, Halter tops, Phone cozies, Laptop Cozies, Receiving Blanket, Plush toys ect
      That same week i had to drive from Watertown, NY to New York City for my cousin wedding ... with in that 6 hour drive of pure rain kept thinking of a name for my little craft shop in the works... but nothing. Finally the first night in I'm sitting with my mom tell her all that on my mind and how i want a name with meaning... and she says how about your last name "No i want something that has even more"
she says "Nanita" i sighed "that's perfect mom in honor of our Sister"with the softest face this 50+ year old women says the name again "Nanita's Goods"
Susana Neri is my big sister she was had Retts Syndrome. She lived to be 15 years old on April 14 1989. My other sister aka Babs 18 and My Brother Sal 13 at the time... i was 1 year and 10 days old. They got to know her, she got to know me but i did not or i should say cant remember... So in loving memory i strive to do my best, to live my life to the fullest and to make all my little things with extra love as if i was making them for her.

My online store on esty should be open this weekend. I will Post it as soon as it is.
Thanks for reading and Hope you all are safe and well.


for more information on Retts Syndrome click on the link Retts Information

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